The purpose of Psychotherapy is to find and change what stands in your way from living a full, happy, and joyful life.  Because few people know what to expect when they come to see a psychotherapist, I want to tell you a little about my outlook.  I believe in client-centered therapy. I also believe in an integrated mind, body and soul approach to therapy.  I provide a safe, non-judgemental, confidential  environment in which to open up and talk with complete honesty.

I have extensive experience doing psychotherapy with people facing a wide spectrum of personal issues.

Psychotherapists treat individuals, couples and/or families, depending on the nature of the presenting problem.

Therapy (talking) helps people develop new skills and patterns and to break old, unhealthy, unhelpful behaviours. I help you release negative emotions and let go of old limiting beliefs that block you from creating the life you deserve to lead now.  Coping with change is the most difficult issue in our lives.  When we develop the strength and courage to take risks, and to dig deeply into our emotional and spiritual issues we are enabled to lead happier more empowered lives.