Shirley helped me to put things in perspective

I met Shirley, in the earlier part of 2012, during a time of much uncertainty in my life. I was referred to Shirley by a friend. I’m very grateful for this because she was instrumental in helping me get “unstuck.”
I felt like I was at a fork of the road in my life and my mind was so clouded with questions, that I was frozen in place. Shirley helped me to put things in perspective and take the first steps towards change in my life.
Shirley’s got winsome vibrance, which put me at ease as soon as I walked into her office. She treated my appointments with complete dedication and was very accommodating in regards to time. My experience during her sessions was wonderful.



 ‘Shirley is…a Wonderful Healer’

I was referred to Shirley Nussbaum for psychotherapy approximately three years ago after telling my family doctor that I was suffering terribly from depression and needed someone to speak to.  I had never engaged in psychotherapy, let alone with a  woman psychotherapist, so I did not know what to expect.

When I first met Shirley, she immediately allayed my concerns.  With her consummate professionalism and her dynamic energy, she put me at ease.  She immediately let me determine the agenda, control our discussions and talk about issues that mattered to me.  I attribute her success at bringing me out of my silence and establishing within me a high level of confidence and self-esteem to her intuitive abilities to listen and probe the complexity of my issues, with compassion, empathy and no judgments.  More importantly, her engaging style allowed us to develop a deep-rooted trust and confidence which ultimately resulted in breakthroughs to wellness.

Although one is never truly cured from deep-seated issues, after three years of therapy with Shirley, some of which were very intense sessions, I have undergone a major transformation in my psychological well-being and moved forward in leaps-and-bounds that I would not have dreamt of prior to meeting her.

From a personal perspective, Shirley is as honest as they get, principled, grounded and has become a wonderful coach, teacher, mentor and someone whom I can call a friend.  She is truly a blessing to her clients, a wonderful healer, and someone who sheds light on the darkness we live in.



 ‘Shirley provided Guidance, Support & most of all, the Care I needed.’

I met Shirley approximately 6-7 years ago through a family friend.

The introduction was timely in that I was at a stage of my life where my emotional stability was its lowest as a result of stress, health issues and my eventual turbulent divorce.

We both needed something.  Shirley was looking for a case study to assist with her becoming a certified psychotherapist and my good friend thought I needed some intervention to help me sort myself out.

I am proud to say that the introduction was a start of more than just a client/professional relationship.  Shirley provided guidance, support and most of all the care I needed to give me confidence to move forward.

What I found admirable about Shirley, is that she was very committed to helping me, in that no matter if a session went over the normal limited time, she did not let the clock control her.  She continued on as though nothing else mattered and made me feel important, that I was a good and strong woman.

A special friendship blossomed between us as Shirley went beyond her responsibility to assist and guide me through the most difficult time of my life.

Shirley is a natural healer, a woman with a good heart and is very intuitive to one’s pain.